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Please tell me you didn't discontinue the ONLY yogurt I like, I am too lazy to chew food and this is literally my only life line. The only 1 store near me no longer has it and your website doesn't show anyone within a 50 mile radius who sells it.

I am a super sad person right now. I hate yogurt that has any sort of bits or pieces in it. I will only eat smooth yogurt. This has a great taste and a great consistency.

The Chibani branded Coffee flavor yogurt is just not as good. Why Why Why, please tell me that this is just some sort of packaging change and it will be back soon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dannon Oikos Yogurt.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I also miss the Cafe Latte flavor . It was the best ! WHY ?


Caffe latte was your best! Caramel macheotto-- not sure of spelling-- was also delicious.

Why did you get rid of them?

I would buy the whole shelf because they would sell so fast. I would love to see them returned.


Cafe latte was the very best..please tell me it's coming back..


Seems anything that is popular and tastes great , these companies nowadays drop or discontinue them to push their lower and slower or non-selling products on their customers....Just don't buy their products as a whole and watch them resurrect the good stuff !

Newark, New Jersey, United States #1356417


I am very sad that I cannot find the Caf Latte flavor. I've been to three Shop-Rite's in

my area and a Wal-Mart to no avail. The coffee flavor does not compare to the Caf Latte.

How about bringing it back

Los Angeles, California, United States #1342186

hi i use to get this yogurt all the time now i cant find it at any stores why its peanut butter bannan crunch can you please tell me were i can get it

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #1331620

I also am disappointed I can no longer find the flavor Cafe Latte yogurt at Harris Teeter or Walmart. It was my favorite and it must be to a lot of others because it was always nearly sold out.

I could eat it everyday!

I have tried other coffee yogurts and haven't liked them enough to buy again. Dannon please bring back the Cafe Latte flavor...this NC gal really would love it!!!

Fenton, Michigan, United States #1292238

I also prefer the café latte non-fat greek yogurt -- the coffee flavored whole milk yogurt is not as good. My local Family Fare Market in 48653 no longer carries the café latte, and the coffee flavored yogurt rings up as café latte, which it is not.

to Charlotte Schroeder Framingham, Massachusetts, United States #1298682

I agree. The coffee flavor that I also seem to think Dannon has switched to is not half as good as Cafe Latte.

For about 2+ years I have eaten a Cafe Latte yogurt 5 days a week for lunch at work.

The coffee is not doing it for me and I sadly may become a brand switcher. I truly hope Dannon brings back Cafe Latte.

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