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When Dannon quit using cardboard around the four-packs of its Activia and Activia Light yogurt, I figured it was to reduce its costs and the weight of shipping, and that it would be a little lighter for me to get home. The problem is that the foil top is easily punctured.

When I shop, I have to make sure the tops are intact before I put the four-packs in my cart. When I get home from the grocery store, I have to double check to make sure that the foil is intact before I put it in my refrigerator.

It's a minor annoyance, but it's just one more glitch in an already busy life.

And I hate to throw out food.

Review about: Dannon Yogurt.

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Completely annoying! I have had to throw away several activia singles and even an entire four pack once.

I'll not be buying any more untill the problem is fixed!

The sides burst with any top pressure and the tops are never securely attached. The foil simply slips out of place.


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