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I can't believe they discontinued Coffee yogurt. What possible reason would prompt such a *** decision? Each time I wanted it I had to search high and low but, when success hit, I would buy all that the store would carry. The more people I asked about it, the more I realized that so many people were having the same issue! So if so many of us love this flavor then WHY on earth would Dannan discontinue it? If it isn't brought back then we will no... Read more

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Please tell me you didn't discontinue the ONLY yogurt I like, I am too lazy to chew food and this is literally my only life line. The only 1 store near me no longer has it and your website doesn't show anyone within a 50 mile radius who sells it. I am a super sad person right now. I hate yogurt that has any sort of bits or pieces in it. I will only eat smooth yogurt. This has a great taste and a great consistency. The Chibani branded... Read more

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The coffee has been my favorite since childhood - a treat that brightened my day, helped me through the work week and generally made my life better...and you killed it!!!????

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Dannon coffee yogurt?..bring it back favorite . Can not find at my Publix. Why can I not get Dannon coffee yogurt.. Occasionally I find it but most of the time it is not available. When it is on the shelf they only have a seems as soon as they put it sells out. I go from store to store looking for the Dannon coffee yougart. Sometimes I get lucky and they have some but usually it is only one row. I buy all they have... Read more

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  • Aug 22
  • #905300

WHERE IS MY CAFE LATTE GREEK YOGURT❓❓❓ WHY would you discontinue a hard to find flavor❓❓ please say it isn't so

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I've been a Dannon Yogurt eater for years and I went to buy my usual Vanilla flavored yogurt yesterday in a Walmart in Myrtle Beach, as I am on vacation. I bought 6 containers of vanilla yogurt, sold in a similar container to what I was familiar with, except that it said WHOLE MILK. When I tasted it I was disgusted. It was overly sweet and tasted like bad pudding rather than good yogurt. I threw it away, as I will with the other 5 containers I... Read more

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The only flavors I liked are now gone! I love the apple pie and the café flavors and they are no longer available at any stores I shop. I am ok with the fruit flavors but those are also getting hard to come by. What is going on?!?!?! I did eat the triple zero but realized I have an allergy to inulin which is an ingredient in triple zero. This has been my breakfast every morning for years. Your website shows a lot more flavors available even... Read more

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My two young men have recently started "buffing up" and swear by the Triple zero which is bought what seems like bus loads. To be honest ive seen the ads with the athletes endorsing this product but why dont you take two ordinary young men and show their journey with your product? Everyone knows atheletes are fit big deal its their job, but two country boys on a mission thats a story,and their quite handsom and humorous also. Everyday i hear "... Read more

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  • Apr 08
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Where in the world is my 1qt yogurt. Not at my store for sure all they have is the Greek wrap which is sour and dry tasting. What are you guys changing about the sales stop

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No more Carmel Macchiato flavor. Not in Walmart anymore. Not in Giant Eagle any more. No where anymore. Why? Never even ate yogurt until I tasted this flavor. And it was there in abundance! Four packs everywhere! Never had any trouble finding it. And went away. A few stray single servings waaayy at the back of the display. Like finding gold. And then, nothing. Such a simple thing to look forward to everyday and now it's... Read more

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